Understanding Logbook Servicing

Posted on: 25 June 2020

The manufacturer of a particular vehicle usually puts down various vehicle servicing requirements in the logbook of that car. You are supposed to follow those requirements if you want your vehicle to run efficiently and remain in great working condition for the longest time possible. The servicing requirements usually include the regular changing of different fluids and parts of your car, especially those found under the hood. Every time you have this service, your logbook should be stamped by a qualified logbook servicing specialist/company as proof that you have adhered to the manufacturer's specifications.

Here are some other important things you need to know about logbook servicing:

Don't Void Your New Vehicle Warranty

When you buy a new car, you are, of course, given a warranty for a specific number of months. For this warranty to be valid, you need to ensure that you carry out logbook servicing as specified by the manufacturer. That is why a logbook servicing stamp is important. If you encounter any problem with your car, you can show the manufacturer the stamp as proof you followed their instructions.

Logbook Servicing Company

Ensure the logbook servicing company you use is fully licensed and registered. Such a company guarantees quality services because all employees hired must hold all the qualification documents required and pass through training.

The manufacturer of your vehicle also checks out the logbook servicing company that stamped your logbook. If it appears that the company is not reputable or trusted, you might void your warranty by getting your logbook services from them.

Difference Between Normal Servicing and Logbook Servicing

A typical vehicle service is usually done to change oil, air filters and top up different fluids (such as brake fluid and coolants). This is usually done after covering a particular mileage or when you notice the level of the particular fluid of concern is low. It is safe to say that almost all cars, regardless of the manufacturer, require the same typical servicing needs.

A logbook service may include more than just changing fluids and air filters. It can also include the changing of various vehicle components. Different from the regular service above, cars from different manufacturers may require different servicing needs. Though they may share some servicing needs like changing and topping up fluids and changing air filters, there might be specific components that need regular servicing for each car make and model.