Why New Tyres Would Benefit Your Shock Absorbers

Posted on: 5 April 2017

Motorists will typically invest in regular car servicing to ensure that their vehicle stays in optimum condition for longer. However, no matter how frequent your car-servicing schedule is, your tyres are bound to wear down with time. Some people opt to buy second-hand tyres in an attempt to keep their purchase budget friendly. It should be noted that, although new tyres can be exorbitant, they are a much better option for your vehicle. So how would new tyres be beneficial to your car and shock absorbers?

New tyres will enhance the performance of your vehicle

One of the main reasons why you should buy new tyres is they will improve your entire driving experience. The first thing to note about new tyres is that they will probably be more technologically advanced than your previous tyres. This affords you a host of benefits, such as optimised designs, premium materials and improved tread patterns. As such, driving your vehicle will feel akin to driving a new car! The tyres will also provide you with a faster response time when braking, easy navigation of corners and overall optimum performance for your vehicle and shock absorbers.

New tyres will be an economical option

When purchasing new tyres, what some motorists bear in mind is the initial cost of purchase, thus making them assume that they would be better off with used tyres that will enable them to save some money. However, these cost savings will only be for the short term. One significant aspect to take note of with used tyre is that their treads will already have begun to wear down. Therefore, you will need to replace these tyres much sooner than if you invested in new tyres. Moreover, with the tread pattern already wearing down, you will be exerting extra pressure on your shock absorbers than if you had opted for new tyres. The additional pressure translates into increased mileage as well as your engine overworking itself to provide your vehicle with more power for optimum performance. With new tyres, you would not have to worry about these concerns making them a worthwhile investment.

New tyres will give you full control

One of the primary reasons why your tyres can come up short on the roads is if you are driving in inclement weather conditions. As the tread patterns wear down, your tyres are less capable of diverting water, mud and snow, and this can make your driving precarious. This lack of control also exposes your shock absorbers to undue wear and tear. New tyres will ensure that you have complete control on the roads, whether the weather is favourable or not.