How to Improve a Car's Overall Handling and Performance

Posted on: 25 October 2017

If you want better performance and handling from your vehicle, you may not need to start shopping around for a new car altogether. There are many add-ons and accessories you can consider that will improve the performance of an engine, steering, braking, and everything else under the hood. Note a few tips on how to improve a car's overall handling and performance, and discuss these options with a mechanic as needed.

Strut brace

Tie rods are long horizontal bars that extend from the centre of the car's under body, at the end of which are the car's wheels. The struts of a car are vertical pieces that hold the tie rods; these struts are bolted to the car's frame, under the hood. You can usually see these bolts when you open the hood, located just above the wheel compartment.

A strut brace goes across the car and is attached to those two bolts. This brace gives added control to the car's steering, and it can allow for tighter turns and better response when turning. If your car tends to skid and slide during turns, or if you need more precision handling from the steering, a strut brace can be the best choice.

Replace the tyres and rims

Tyres with deeper tread will allow for better grip of the pavement so you aren't as likely to skid when you hit the accelerator. This will also allow for more precision steering, especially around corners. Lightweight rims can also allows for easier braking; the lighter the rims, the less weight and resistance that the brakes need to work against, so the faster your vehicle will stop. Lightweight rims will also cause less drag and resistance when you accelerate and when turning.

Upgrade the suspension

An older and worn suspension can mean resistance and drag when turning, while an upgraded suspension can absorb more movement of the vehicle when accelerating. In turn, there is less weight for the engine to work against when you hit the gas pedal and when you brake. This can mean faster acceleration and better overall braking performance.

Turbo boosters

A turbo booster uses exhaust from the car to spin a turbine, which then takes fresh air and compresses it before sending it to the engine. This added air causes the vehicle to increase the fuel it also delivers, for more overall combustion. The more combustion your vehicle can create, the faster its acceleration and greater overall speeds. Contact companies that sell turbo accessories to learn more.