Benefits of Using Diagnostic Software in Your Parts Department

Posted on: 30 January 2019

If you are a mechanic and own an auto shop, you may have decided to expand and start servicing Hino trucks. This business expansion means several things. One of them is becoming certified to be a Hino mechanic and parts dealership. In addition to the certification, you will also want to build your parts stock department with certified Hino truck parts. When you do this, you may notice the ability to order diagnostic equipment as well. If you aren't sure why you would need diagnostic equipment, here are a few benefits of the purchase to consider.

Troubleshooting Services

One of the main benefits to using diagnostic software as part of your truck parts department is in the troubleshooting. The software offers a standard truck diagnostics geared to Hino specifically. This means that it will troubleshoot the workflow of the truck parts and mechanical systems. It will also check for activation delays in the engine components. In addition to these checks and troubleshooting services, it will also detect data-monitoring functions that can show hidden issues within the trucks and truck parts. This narrows down your issues to specific problems while troubleshooting and removing issues you think may be occurring.

Setting Options

The diagnostic software does offer various setting options that help you narrow down additional issues with your trucks. For example, the setting options allow you to perform an idle shutdown diagnostic service as well as cruise speed monitoring. These settings can help you pinpoint issues with certain mechanics and operations of the truck that only occur during idle sessions or when the truck is put into cruise-control speeds.

Customisation Options

You can configure the software to your specific needs as well. This is a benefit to mechanics who need to focus the diagnostics on specific areas. It can also assist you when you need to do a system data reset in order to further diagnose the issues with the truck. There are also customisation settings for injector calibration codes. Keep in mind that these customisation options can help you narrow down the specific truck parts you need rather than gathering too many different parts or too few parts for the repair.

These are just a few of the benefits to purchasing and using diagnostic equipment. If you feel that having the diagnostic equipment would benefit your business, contact a provider today. They can help you with ordering and with questions you have about the diagnostic software.